Back on March 31st we went to NYC for the day to celebrate family, life, and happiness. I was able to stop at purl and found two crochet projects. I have just finished the first in a laceweight mad tosh yarn, color: whiskers. It is a rectangular shawl. I still need to soak and block it but was surprised and pleased by both the process and the results. The pattern came from Interweave Crochet, which other than the Japanese books, seems to have the prettiest up to date fashions in pattern form available.

The second project is also from Interweave Crochet…a filet crochet pattern with two dragons. It will take time as Nikkers (my cat) is not fond of charts and rulers! LOL! Will post photos as I can, as well as the names of the patterns which are most likely available at the online Interweave store.

The new clan is up to over 25 members of all levels and we are lucky enough to have some really experienced players (CORIBIO AND HAVOK) who advise the players rising in the ranks. There is no drama and I can go back to playing this GAME without the threats and negativity the leader in the former clan exhibited. If you watch Game of Thrones, he was King Joffrey and I was most definitely, The Hound. LOL!

Speaking of Game of Thrones, I am all caught up to the current episode…will ANYONE BE ALIVE AT THE END?

Have a great day and remember to laugh!
xox Mary Ellen, The Hound