Things are good here at home. My son teases me and says, “Mom, your hermit mode is engaged!” The pets are loving having us around all the time…and the feeling is mutual. Gary loves coming home to a hot dinner and fewer chores because I can pick up the slack.

We have binge watched ourselves silly on Game of Thrones (HBO). Some episodes I even watched twice so Gary didn’t know I went ahead. 😳

Went to the storage unit today–going to make a stack of baby socks for the upcoming Etsy store, baby sweaters, and some Noro shawls (found a pattern I really like to do). Now Gary is the one who knows where everything is–so I just said: I want yarn for this, this and this. Kinda fun!

My car is yellow with pollen. The bunnies and robins are all over our yard and Brian is ready to get the garden planted. Maybe we will go to Kettells this weekend!