Busy today…repaired two more couch cushions shredded some time ago by beloved dog. Both dogs needed grooming–so out came the shears. Daisy, the smaller of my two dogs(photo below), submits as long as I do it. She totally freaks out if I try to take her to a groomer. Whitney, gets matted fur by her ears. She is 45-50pounds of dog and I never knew she could curl herself up as small as she did tonight. Sheesh!

After all that, I got to work on a lace crochet piece–could be shawl or maybe sweater…hmm. Anyone out there watching Fargo? It’s creepy but I can’t look away from this version!

CLASH OF CLANS: Our little clan, only six days old with 30+ members, won its first war! AWESOMESAUCE! We worked together really hard and even though the end was a real nail biter, we won!

Hope your days are fun, too!
xox Mary Ellen