This must be a bad year for pollen because once again I am recovering from asthma. Doing much better now but clearly nature, the Great Outdoors, and I are at odds as I stay in my own Great Indoors as much as possible.

This afternoon I tucked my spinning wheel up to my favorite chair and nearly filled a bobbin. It was wonderful, especially after oiling the wheel and things flew at an even faster pace. I am spinning an alpaca merino blend but there is significant vegetable matter…which is a disappointment. I also have a tub filled with roving I Kool aid dyed that I really want to play with, but feel like I want to get through this endless brown. Don’t get me wrong, the yarn will be pretty…but I’m always eyeing up the next project.

Found Mozzie sleeping in the bowl on the dining room table…in very Curled Up Cat Pose. The other cats took turns staring at the drive band on my wheel…like–gee, with one leap I could be swinging from that! I could just see the gears turning in their heads. So, end of day the wheel gets put into a closed room again for protective custody!

Apparently, my husband thinks that because he goes to work all day my menopause turns off and has been turning off the air conditioning. No–the hot flashes still are there dear…!

Anyway, it’s good to be on my feet again and back to my fiber arts. Hope all is well with you and as always I look forward to your comments! Have a great week!

Love and Light, Mary Ellen