Not too long ago, Mark Dillman’s wife took the time to let us know of her husbands passing this evening. Right now it is as if time has absolutely stopped for us all. He was the first person Gary and I met when we moved here in 1996 and has been a constant in our lives ever since.

He was the kind of friend who went to jail with me and left the bail to my husband. He was brilliant, an intellectual but without any arrogance whatsoever. He loved obscure facts…we have played question of the day for many years now…necessitating searches for the most obscure ranging facts to keep he and Gary challenged!

He and Debbie walked every step of the process of adopting Brian with us. He was there on the Tarmac in those pre 9/11 days to help us off the plane with his new nephew.

Although his story telling was often a Big Tale…there was still enough of the ornery in Mark to make you question if indeed it was more true than not. His story-telling was one of my favorite attributes about him…and those stories will be sorely missed.

He and his family were much more than friends…they are the rare people we are blessed with that help us see the world in a more relaxed way and with real clarity. We were blessed to benefit from his Golden Heart…which I know will go on forever. God Bless us all as we remember yet another person who fought the good fight with every ounce of power and dignity possible.

We will always carry you in our hearts and in our actions, Mark…always.