PLEASE SUPPORT THIS in any way you can! Pat Rothfuss, well known author of “The Name of The Wind”, is running a fundraiser on short notice next week, beginning July 7th AND IM SURE IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! He will be running this through a site called: The Tinker’s Pack or you can read his blog here: –either way check it out! There will be autographed books, apparel, jewelry, and so much more.

Heifer International, which can easily be googled, is an incredible organization that helps people around the world find ways to sustain and improve their living conditions. It especially helps women, teaching them the skills they need to run their own businesses and support their families. My husband and I learned of this organization almost twenty five years ago and have been making donations ever since. This year I am raising money through spinning during the Tour de Fleece and hope to raise enough to donate a sheep through Heifer Intl.

Please at least spread the word. Pat and his family and the people at The Tinker’s Pack need some help. They are amazing and generous. I hope to be like them if I should ever grow up.

With joy, laughter and much love, Mary Ellen