I have lost count of the years it has been since I was first introduced to the writing, the perfect heart-composed prose, that is Mr. Patrick Rothfuss. When I read his first book, “The Name of the Wind” I couldn’t wait to spread the word. An AUTHOR worthy of the name has emerged. I consumed that book…maybe it took me 36 hours total to read.

Because I remember words and stories, reading anything twice is a total snore. There are exactly five books I have read more than once: The Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, Play of Consciousness, Moby Dick, and now, The Name of The Wind. The second reading was as sweet as the nectar of my favorite flowers. I lingered over it as you would a good hot fudge sundae. When I closed the back cover for the second time, I sighed long and content, and ran to the bookstore and purchased my copy of book two of this trilogy. Then it dawned on me…how long until book three? Oh shit. I sat the book down in my closet and refused to look at it. In the closet it was hidden where it couldn’t tempt me as much as a bookshelf out in the open. I finally caved one boring, rainy day but with boundaries.

It took four years between books, and looks like pretty much the same timing for the third. In response to this I have developed a method of reading Mr. Rothfuss’ books. I read 100 pages and put it down for a year. Then I get to read two hundred pages and put it down for a year. I have completed the first three hundred pages and can nearly recite them from memory, and that is fine. Like Melville’s book ” Moby Dick” the subplots and many characters have become old friends I enjoy and treasure. Our visits are sublime. When I bookmark my spot for the day, old or new destination, I sit back and smile…like I used to when reading on a summer afternoon under the old willow tree in our front yard as a child.

Most books I read on a kindle or device these days. However, I read Mr. Rothfuss on the paper page. His stories deserve that respect. I deserve to feel the weight of the book, slide my finger down the page, and to hold the book close. I love books.

Today began my Tour de Fleece. I spun for at least a total of six hours and between 300-350 yards by guess. Tomorrow I hope to finish the current spool and ply my first TDF skein. I have the next stash roving ready and waiting…many, many beautiful colors to spin together into a story of their own telling.