Finished my first skein for my personal Tour de Fleece. I finished plying my first skein today…counting both plies, the total spun yardage is 1420 yards! See photo below. Tomorrow I spin red wool/silk blend!

Check out Worldbuilders…this is Pat Rothfuss’ charity that supports Heifer International. They have a one week fundraiser this week. I ordered a mystery box of books because I never have enough to read. If there is nothing there that appeals then go visit a The Tinker’s Pack, which also supports Heifer Intl. My autographed copy of “Rogues” arrived today with a novella by Mr. Rothfuss and a new Game of Thrones story by George R.R. Martin. The book can be purchased at the Tinker’s Pack, among other wonderful things!

Went to the gym and had my best workout yet today!

Take care! Mary Ellen💖