attack of mad cow/sheep syndrome!

Here is Nikkers modeling the Entrelac Tam:



It’s that time of year again! I will be in the studio Tuesday morning 10:15-noon but otherwise the studio will be closed until a week today. Have a great week and look forward to some great sale items starting next Monday to get your holiday gift knitting off to an economical start!

xx M.E. and Summit Yarn

One of the many handouts and patterns discussed at Knitting Camp was the Rib Warmer pattern–both the original 1956 version and all the variations and improvements that have expanded the initial concept. There is one potential rough patch in the beginning and I thought I filed the correct solution given in camp in my brain for when I got home. Today I decided to work my way through the miniature version of the basic pattern.

Then as I contemplated the 16 SENTENCE pattern, I didn’t feel so sure but I knew I had a 50/50 chance at that beginning rough patch. Well, now I know this pattern inside and out after spending the day with those 16 sentences. And…I got the beginning wrong, so, I have to fix that tomorrow. Since the practice version is only teddy bear size, it is not such a big deal as if it was my size. When I realized how it should work I RAN to the pattern and sketched out the schematic. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow having forgotten the wisdom I spent pursuing today AND I have my own design variation on this theme that I want to pursue now that I can comprehend the concepts involved.

My son is at another camp this week and I miss him already. Huz and I actually went to see Despicable Me 2. It was fun and good old fashioned moronic humor. The stars were the minions. I loved every minute.

If you are a TRUE BLOOD fan, make sure you listen to the song playing during the end credits of this weeks show. My husband dissolved into a pool of laughter at the lyrics. Sometimes I really have to wonder about that man.







The summer is such a wonderful time. We (my family) plant the little bed in front of the studio with flowers from Kettell’s and Corky’s. This year all the flowers are gold, yellow and orange because those colors remind me of my hike last September in the outposts of Northern Spain; especially yellow, any yellow. To keep the marigolds and lilies flowering, once a week I go break off the dead flowers so the plants will make more flowers instead of seeds. In fact one plant I dead-headed just before knit camp is already blooming again — Robin: what is the name of that one with the red little flowers? So, I get the ones done by the first part of sidewalk and go pop my gardening seat by the marigolds in the middle.

The instant I sit on that seat I know I am in trouble. The front legs stayed put but the back legs dug down into the ground. I tried real HARD to swing myself around facing backwards but those darn legs just went deeper.

I silently said to myself: okay, I accept my fate.

And I fell off onto my very cushioned arse. It wasn’t really all that far but now my pants are dirty…from the dirt, in case you were wondering based on the title of this post.

It continued to be pleasant and uneventful until I decided that although the sky is full of rain clouds, I should water…this way we will be sure it rains, right? I get my hose and do all the plants around the door. And then I move onto the defunct flag holder which instead holds a billion (8) spider plants given to me by Charlotte Para and Linda Frangos when I first moved into this building 7 years ago. I start at the lowest one and move up as I water them. ALL OF A SUDDEN A FINCH FLEW right out of the plant at my face level squawking for all it was worth. Scared the ever loving….#%*+ out of me but my bladder held tight. It chirped at me the rest of the time I was out there and I was so sorry I scared it but I figure we are pretty much even as far as that goes.

Here are some photos of the Studio garden and a SHOUT OUT TO:
THE KNITTING NITCH in Ocean City, Maryland
(On Asbury — and I hear they are very sweet so if you are there go see them
And say hi! from me!)
Jan was just there and thought they have a great thing going!

As EZ would say: ONWARDS! M.E. and Summit Yarn













So, I get settled into the hotel and meet the first few knitters to arrive because I am of course there Early (my OCD: on time means with lots of time to spare!). They ask me: where is your name tag?

My what? Aren’t they just going to slap a sticker with my name on my boob?

No. You have to make it yourself.

Well, crap.

Up to my room I go and empty every pocket of my everything. I go back down to the lobby desk and scavenge a post it note, three pieces of tape and a TINY safety pin. Back to my room.

I did not bring ANY extra yarn because of course I am going to BUY YARN HERE because of course I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY IN MY STASH OR IN MY STUDIO. I do however have in my coin purse a piece of lace edging (doesn’t everybody?) waiting for me to graft it on the end of a lace scarf when I have pushed that ball of yarn as far as it will go.

I graft the ends of the lace together and gather it like a flower. The rest you can see in the photos below.

I think this should be a camp contest every year! It was actually fun!
xx M.E.

Desperation, not Necessity, is the Mother of Invention! ;-D



The names have been changed and altogether withheld to protect the sharers. I will never reveal my sources. Part of LYS-owner/Knitter privilege… This post is NOT for anyone SQUEAMISH. You can google “Worst Baby Shower Cakes” because there were even worse ones. OMG —
Speechless in Scranton



















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