Customer Knit Projects

The samples are all prepped and I loved every one of them from the yarn line we will be sharing with you tomorrow…and the sock yarn is spectacular. The fibers were all soft and some are blends I have not encountered before. My fingers are crossed and I am so excited to hear your feedback about these yarns!

The next Open House will be late in June with a different line of yarn, probably on a Sunday afternoon. If you have day or time preferences, please let me know and I will do my best to schedule accordingly.

The studio is vacuumed, the displays are spiffed and I even…wait for it…cleared off the table. Of course that will be covered with the samples.

The studio will be closed from 3-5 pm to prep for the Open House and to grab a bite before we all get together for our evening of fun.

Looking forward very much to seeing Ewe all here!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn




I don’t have photos of everything but let’s go for a summary: Suzy working on sweater but very busy at work. Jamie working on Tickle Me sweater test knit and Cable Brannigan (half way) AND nursing four abandoned kittens every four hours. Kate is working on Juneberry; just finished chart A. Chris has finished her red sweater, Shadow and it is amazing. She has multiple socks and the shawl, Multnomah on needles. Pat S. has socks on needles and I’m waiting for our next lesson. Kelly has the Sunny Days shawl on needles. Cheryl is immersed in Jade Sapphire Maju Silk. And I am waiting to see what Brenda, Tola and Martha brought back from MSW. Jan began Cable Brannigan and is working at some baby pods. Rachel is finishing a crocheted blanket for her father. I think Robin is still on a sock but also loving her garden — and who doesn’t? Photos below.


















Kate came in the other day and wanted to knit this shawl. This is one I’ve had on my list and yarn waiting for ages. I am enjoying the first lace pattern tremendously and even extended this section (I know I have twice the needed yarn). It is going to take some figuring to match up the next sections but I think it will be worth it in the end.

I did notice there were a few projects on Ravelry who fell short on yarn. I don’t know if they swatched or not–but it would seem like a good idea!

Do you know there are over 1100 people who have done this shawl? It is a well-written pattern and I am truly enjoying it!






Happy May Day! Does anyone remember how we used to make something with a flower and bring it home from school a million years ago? Today was the day we did that…we were supposed to surprise a friend but I usually gave mine to my mother. I still love the tradition and the ideas behind it, though.

Got up early today to run some errands before opening the studio, among them to write and pay the rent check — which apparently got shredded by the secretary by accident. Or lost, she said, or maybe in a patients chart. She wasn’t sure. So Brian to tennis, me to bank to stop check, back to landlord to pay again. This time I took the receipt.

We have a beautiful shipment of Malabrigo Silk Wool, Lorna’s Laces sport and Lorna’s Laces sock. There is also a tantalizing supply of Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere in amazing colors. It is all so very beautiful I just want to roll around in it! There is also new Colinette: Cadenza superwash in Velvet Damson — a multitonal ocean of deep soothing blues.

Dear Kathy: I just finished a project today. I purchased it at least three to four years ago. It has taken me that long to knit, wash and block it.

Dear Suzy: below is a picture of a lump — if you can tell me the precise name of said lump you may possess it when it is dry.

Take care, still bad juju out there.
M.E. and Summit Yarn






Didn’t get much done today and I don’t really know why. Lots of little moments, no big stretches of time, I guess. The yarn for the new Adult Surprise Jacket arrived today. Was able to swatch and US6 needles give me the gauge the pattern is looking for. I worked at the provisional cast on and will count stitches tomorrow when I can transfer it to a longer needle.

Worked on another hat tonight. The idea for this one came from one of my customers battling breast cancer many years ago. She combined Cascade Fixation (an elastic cotton sock yarn) with Crystal Palace Fizz. She said it made her feel pretty and like she had hair. Nikkers got into the act and stole the ball of Fizz and ran like hellfire was chasing him (it was only me). You should have seen the yarn — he made it to the top of the stairs this time.

Being involved in the details of people’s lives in an intimate way was not something I anticipated when I opened the studio. I have to keep my mouth shut a lot (that has taken practice) and just listen. It has grown me as a human being. This whole adventure has really taken me out of my comfort zone in many ways. I am grateful to the friends and customers who have been so very patient with me as I have tried to grow in compassion and understanding of what it means to be fragile and human.

Have a Happy Now!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn






In recent posts I have mentioned all the projects people are working on. Her are the end of the week follow up photos so you can see how the projects are moving along! Kelly finished her second project ever and is now on her third. Jan and I are beginning something new this week. Jamie is texting me, which is great because I love the pictures she sends me…but it’s not the same as just sitting and shooting the breeze. There is one knitter who needs your prayers, good energy, well wishes…whatever positive energy you can send as she has had a recent new diagnosis of cancer. I want to protect her privacy, so just picture someone very energetic and down to earth. She is dear to my heart for many reasons.

Do take care and breathe deeply as you go through today and the week to come. I look at the map on the blog and think about every little dot that represents a reader each day. I am overwhelmed with how this little blog has spread through almost two thirds of the worlds countries. I am humbled. I touch those little dots every day and send love and well-wishes. You all make my heart a little bigger and bring a smile to my face.















It was a very tranquil day at the studio today. I got caught up with my journal and cast on my newest sock club sock. This months colors are serene greens and blues. I am loving every stitch. Photos are below so be forewarned. We had a new friend named Pamela who explored every corner and had a lovely vibe. I look forward to her next visit! Kelly stopped by for a quick stitch pick up on her baby pod, which is nearly finished. Cynthia’s lace looked lovely on the mannekin. It was a beautiful sunny day. But now Nikkers is very glad to be back in possession of me. That and James Bond on TV, how could life be more perfect?






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