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Slowly, I have been working through all the handouts and my notes from Knitting Camp with Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen. So far I have a hard won understanding of the Ribwarmer; completed the I-cord potholder with a huge number of I-cord variations (including an awesome buttonhole), a Cut Bonnet using hand steeking and two-color knitting and just tonight completed the Entrelac Tam using the Knit Back Backwards technique. Photos below. The rest of the handouts include two more tam ideas, mittens, a very warm hat, and two mini sweaters to put into practice both the EPS and steeks. Photos below.
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn











Here are the finished photos and may I add a terrific pattern that can be a small Shug to a comfy Vest to a collared Sweater! So Versatile!!!




Thanks to Jan Deveney for the Teddy Bear!!!!! XOX

One of the many handouts and patterns discussed at Knitting Camp was the Rib Warmer pattern–both the original 1956 version and all the variations and improvements that have expanded the initial concept. There is one potential rough patch in the beginning and I thought I filed the correct solution given in camp in my brain for when I got home. Today I decided to work my way through the miniature version of the basic pattern.

Then as I contemplated the 16 SENTENCE pattern, I didn’t feel so sure but I knew I had a 50/50 chance at that beginning rough patch. Well, now I know this pattern inside and out after spending the day with those 16 sentences. And…I got the beginning wrong, so, I have to fix that tomorrow. Since the practice version is only teddy bear size, it is not such a big deal as if it was my size. When I realized how it should work I RAN to the pattern and sketched out the schematic. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow having forgotten the wisdom I spent pursuing today AND I have my own design variation on this theme that I want to pursue now that I can comprehend the concepts involved.

My son is at another camp this week and I miss him already. Huz and I actually went to see Despicable Me 2. It was fun and good old fashioned moronic humor. The stars were the minions. I loved every minute.

If you are a TRUE BLOOD fan, make sure you listen to the song playing during the end credits of this weeks show. My husband dissolved into a pool of laughter at the lyrics. Sometimes I really have to wonder about that man.




Traveling home went better for me than some of my other camp companions, like Jane who had to spend the night in Chicago. While in Chicago, I called my husband and told him it looked like I would be getting in earlier than expected. Then once they closed the door we sat on the runway for a LONG time (can’t tell you how long because my watch died at camp) and arrived 30 minutes late.
The good news is: GARY REMEMBERED TO PICK ME UP so he gets props this time.

We talked the whole drive home. I was going to sneak in the house before Gary opened the garage door, because I knew full well Brian was up playing video games when he was supposed to be in bed sleeping. But we decided I might trip and do something stupid. I asked Brian point blank when I got home (because he was wide awake waiting for me) –and he looked down at the floor and just grinned. He had made the mad dash for his room when he heard the garage door…just like I thought. It’s good to be home.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs Nikkers and Sputters nose bumped after they saw me…as if to say: Yay, the one who feedz us is back! It was midnight. My bags are where I dropped them. Nikkers stole my pink mohair shawl last night. I put it in my bag, but he must have stole it again before I left for work. Little booger.

CAMP EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS! If you have not been I am putting a group together and coordinating with camp so we can be together. Just let me know. I LOVED Camp 1. Seeing things through first-timers eyes is always the most informative and most fun….probably because we all felt so humbled to be in the presence of SO MUCH knitting history. All levels of knitters can go — you just need to know the basics and then the wave of camp inspiration will carry you along. Let me know.

I have so many stories and photos to share with you over the next few days. Stay tuned!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn















So my son finally noticed I was not home and texted me today. That lasted all of 3.5 minutes. Camp, however remains a fabulous learning experience. I learned two new short row techniques I had not previously used, a new knitted hem (gorgeous) and made even more new friends. If you have been considering knit camp — just make sure you sign up. This adventure is comfort fod for the soul!










Knitting Camp is WOWWOWWOWWOWWOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning Meg Swansen taught and this afternoon Amy Detjen taught. I took notes and notes and notes. They are the most amazing of teams and perfectly balance each other. I have knit avidly for forty six years and LEARNED SO MUCH that made sense. I didn’t want each session to end. It was only when fatigue really set in tonight that I finally went to bed. This is inspiring and I hear the same thing from all the knitters here with whom I have visited. There are 58 of us, all ages, from all over the U.S., and all experience levels. Laughter rings out all through the day. There is no snobbery, only people enjoying something that is MORE and meaningful as a pursuit; people who know the rewards of the creative process and love sharing just THAT with other like-minded individuals. We shared stories of both our successes and our failures today. My heart is brim full, as are my knitting needles with new yarn.

For those of you who have purchased my Pure Comfort Shawl pattern, my deep apologies. There two errors, minor but errors nonetheless. Row 8 is the same as Row six. I edited out Rows 29 and 30, so they simply do not exist. I meant to renumber the rows and forgot. I have posted this errata on the pattern page on Ravelry as well. When I return home and back to work after this holiday weekend and have access to my computer (I am in Wisconsin, the computer is in Pennsylvania), I will correct the PDF and updates will be available via your Ravelry account. I was glad to be made aware of these errors and even happier to fix them. I was very saddened by the individual who wrote me not one but two nasty emails and freely sent my pattern to her friends and FREELY ignored my pattern copyright. I would never knowingly cause any knitter aggravation or disrespect. It is my hope that this kind of positive karma will be something I earn from people who enjoy knitting my designs and accept my common humanity, warts and all. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Have a lovely weekend and I wish you all happiness and compassion — for yourselves and the people who are put in your path. xx M.E. and Summit Yarn


First of all, a reminder to the Friday night crew: tonight the studio is closed and I am missing you and can’t wait to share about camp. I’ll see you next Friday with about a zillion new ideas!

Went to the welcome dinner last night and had a blast. It was amazing to see in person and touch the VERY knitted garments I have seen in photos in all of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s and Meg Swansen’s books. It was a walk though the history of knitting. Today we are supposed to learn about EPS — Elizabeth’s Percentage System.

Look up Amy Detjen on Craftsy. She has a class for what I think is called The Squirrel Sweater (Donna it has waist shaping and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL hem!). I saw this sweater last night and IT IS GORGEOUS with details that I have not seen before or even thought of. I am looking forward to knitting it next! She is helping me find out how to carry kits for this in the studio. More on this soon!

People are here of all ages and from all over the United States, including Leslie from Hawaii! Some people, this is their first year; one person, her 23rd year. Just amazing. It is cozy and warm and friendly and I’m loving being here. Hopefully, I can coax some of you to come with me next year!

xx M.E.
More soon!







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