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There are several knitters at Summit Yarn who are more comfortable knitting on straight than circular needles. One recently announced she would like to try something new like a baby sweater. Tomorrow I hope to type up this requested pattern. It is knit in one piece on straight needles. There is sewing from the sleeve cuffs down to the bottom rib. It takes me two days to knit the 18 month size and the pattern is written for several sizes: 0-3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. It is knit using US8 (5mm) needles and worsted weight yarn (200 – 600 yards needed depending on size knit).

A version knit in the round will follow shortly. All sizes were calculated using the Standard Sizes Chart on the Internet as required by

Here are some photos:




Take care and have a relaxing Sunday!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn


While I was working on Amy Detjen’s Pansy Triangle Shawl and watching TV with my family tonight, it seems George (one of Brian’s three) was feeling neglected. Below is the show. P.S.– loving this knit — on US 7’s with Divine by Skacel — fast and relaxing. It also teaches how to make a centered yo– mind blowing technique — makes the pattern totally worth every penny!










Traveling home went better for me than some of my other camp companions, like Jane who had to spend the night in Chicago. While in Chicago, I called my husband and told him it looked like I would be getting in earlier than expected. Then once they closed the door we sat on the runway for a LONG time (can’t tell you how long because my watch died at camp) and arrived 30 minutes late.
The good news is: GARY REMEMBERED TO PICK ME UP so he gets props this time.

We talked the whole drive home. I was going to sneak in the house before Gary opened the garage door, because I knew full well Brian was up playing video games when he was supposed to be in bed sleeping. But we decided I might trip and do something stupid. I asked Brian point blank when I got home (because he was wide awake waiting for me) –and he looked down at the floor and just grinned. He had made the mad dash for his room when he heard the garage door…just like I thought. It’s good to be home.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs Nikkers and Sputters nose bumped after they saw me…as if to say: Yay, the one who feedz us is back! It was midnight. My bags are where I dropped them. Nikkers stole my pink mohair shawl last night. I put it in my bag, but he must have stole it again before I left for work. Little booger.

CAMP EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS! If you have not been I am putting a group together and coordinating with camp so we can be together. Just let me know. I LOVED Camp 1. Seeing things through first-timers eyes is always the most informative and most fun….probably because we all felt so humbled to be in the presence of SO MUCH knitting history. All levels of knitters can go — you just need to know the basics and then the wave of camp inspiration will carry you along. Let me know.

I have so many stories and photos to share with you over the next few days. Stay tuned!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn















So my son finally noticed I was not home and texted me today. That lasted all of 3.5 minutes. Camp, however remains a fabulous learning experience. I learned two new short row techniques I had not previously used, a new knitted hem (gorgeous) and made even more new friends. If you have been considering knit camp — just make sure you sign up. This adventure is comfort fod for the soul!










Just so nobody drives a distance to find the doors closed, the studio will be closed from this Wednesday until Monday, and reopen Tuesday 7/9 for regular hours. I was lucky enough to get a last minute spot in the Schoolhouse Press knitting camp #1 — this week. I do not have any idea what to expect, but the people there I’ve spoken with in preparation have been wonderful! So, another adventure. This time to Marshfield, Wisconsin via Chicago. Stay tuned and I will post pictures and stories.

I don’t leave until late afternoon, so I will pack this morning. The hardest thing is always to have any self-restraint when it comes to packing knitting. What if I get on a tear and finish what I take? It could happen,,,in some Universe. I am taking one pair of socks and the EZ pi shawl — I still have another 1300 yards of lace weight there; that really should keep me. There will also be new yarns to try there, so I’m leaving plenty of space in my luggage!

We went to see White House down last weekend. Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum…what’s not to love? When you go see it keep an eye on the tour guide…there is more to him than you guess at first.

My son has me trying a new game app. While I was downloading it I came across the free Minion Rush, so I downloaded that too…and became possessed. It is hilarious and different every run. I could not put it down yesterday. Live those little minions! (Reference movie: Despicable Me)

Have a wonderful 4th of July wherever you are and even whether it is a holiday for you or not!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn



I hit a dry patch and it didn’t really register why until yesterday. We have been so busy with dear son going away to a tennis camp (first away camp ever), and cleaning and painting his room and just getting each day lived in the best way possible I didn’t take time to listen to my heart. June 17th was the day my daughter, Brynna, was born and died. Someone on Ravelry JUST HAPPENED to publish a sweater with the same name and I came across it yesterday.

It was a terrible day that day. The day before I had told my OB I thought I leaked fluid and he dismissed it — even though I was a high risk pregnancy. Twenty four hours later she died in my arms because I was right and everything had become infected. Simultaneously, dear husband had food poisoning, for which he got sedation. The doctors used too much medicine and my lungs filled with fluid. Two ICU nurses were called to look after me. Somehow Gary and I made it through. It was terrible to lose a second child. It felt like we were being punished without knowing why.

Two years later Brian became our son and we finally felt complete as a family. We still do. One day it dawned on me, while Brian was asking a battery of questions about where he came from, that all three of my children had been born on the 17th of a month. It was then I turned to Brian and pointed that out and said, “You kept trying to get to us, it just took your soul three tries. We finally got lucky!”.

xx M.E.
p.s. — below are some current customer projects for your inspiration!

















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