Have been spinning and doing research to open my online Etsy shop. My patterns, including the Angel Sweater with improvements, and the Arsenic & Old Lace Afghan, will become available for online purchase then. We are looking at a start date of September. Also have some new designs cooking–all no sew items for your knitting pleasure! Yarn, both handspun and commercial will be available.

Just checked my exercise diary to find I have been at it six weeks and making steady progress. I have lost 10 pounds, my waist is smaller, and I am in a great mental/emotional space–not to mention I have been sleeping like a rock at night. I began with just cardio–a slow paced walk with variable incline work included (like on the Camino). Now I am lifting as well. I workout five days a week with two scattered rest days. It feels so good.

The four legged children are so happy with me at home, and I think huz and son are as well. We have been playing card games at night and it’s been great! Let me recommend Sabateur (easy peasy), Pairs, and Boss Monster (for those of you who game). I finally found a way to turn off the technology and gather my family around. Yay!






Just so nobody drives a distance to find the doors closed, the studio will be closed from this Wednesday until Monday, and reopen Tuesday 7/9 for regular hours. I was lucky enough to get a last minute spot in the Schoolhouse Press knitting camp #1 — this week. I do not have any idea what to expect, but the people there I’ve spoken with in preparation have been wonderful! So, another adventure. This time to Marshfield, Wisconsin via Chicago. Stay tuned and I will post pictures and stories.

I don’t leave until late afternoon, so I will pack this morning. The hardest thing is always to have any self-restraint when it comes to packing knitting. What if I get on a tear and finish what I take? It could happen,,,in some Universe. I am taking one pair of socks and the EZ pi shawl — I still have another 1300 yards of lace weight there; that really should keep me. There will also be new yarns to try there, so I’m leaving plenty of space in my luggage!

We went to see White House down last weekend. Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum…what’s not to love? When you go see it keep an eye on the tour guide…there is more to him than you guess at first.

My son has me trying a new game app. While I was downloading it I came across the free Minion Rush, so I downloaded that too…and became possessed. It is hilarious and different every run. I could not put it down yesterday. Live those little minions! (Reference movie: Despicable Me)

Have a wonderful 4th of July wherever you are and even whether it is a holiday for you or not!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn



As happens, my printer at the studio died recently, as did Brian’s homeschool printer. We have been working first to get Brian up and running. Late last week Brian’s new printer arrived from the Charter School and Brian attempted to link it to his computer and get it running. No luck. Next I threw Gary in there, who quit after three minutes. I tossed him back into the office and told him he works with computers all day — go make a real effort. No luck. I went in and tried. No luck.

I called the school’s technical support. They rock and alway get things to work. Tech number 27 called. 13 minutes into the call, he said: don’t worry the call before you was also a printer issue and took two and a half hours to fix. 40 minutes into the call I am pretty sure I heard muffled sounds of weeping. 54 minutes into the call we made an executive decision that the printer was broken.

Today, the second new printer arrived. Brian had it hooked up and humming in five minutes. Go figure.




Welcome to another New Year! While the studio was open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, today it was closed for mental inventory. It was a wonderful day with cats taking turns napping on my lap. I caught up with Jamie on the Block Blanket KAL and pinned out three new projects/ patterns…one of which will be at the studio tomorrow (will photograph it there). Brian and I also played World of Warcraft. Gary was on call. Nice quiet day.

Tomorrow we are open 10:15-12 and 1:00-2:45 pm. Then I have to run Brian to an activity.

Check out the Winter 2012 Knitty. There is a contest in Franklin Habit’s column using a counter pane square. Just finishing my fourth idea, with two other ideas on needles.

BEST MURDER MYSTERY EPISODE EVER: Midsomer Murders (on Netflix and Amazon Prime)–Season 8 Episode 6, 48 minutes into the episode. All wives with crispy edges will enjoy this!
Not gorey. Actually, hilarious in a twisted sort of way.

My New Years gift to DH and DS: haircuts. We made the skunk (see below). It’s a long story.

HOPE YOUR DAY WAS GREAT! I’m hoping to begin writing about the Camino. It sent me to a very silent but full place. Take Care,
Mary Ellen










I am as guilty as the next person of this first one:  I spend money on a knitting book or magazine, find a pattern I want to knit and then there are errors.  After this past weekend of checking, double-checking, and triple-checking myself, I stand humbled and silent.  A company commissioned a man’s sweater — something knittable but noticeable — not too hard but with interest — the ever-elusive grey zone.  I did research, talked to men about their preferences (my husband was astonished at this as SOP in our house is when I want his opinion I will tell him what it is), looked at hundreds of men in sweaters on Flickr and elsewhere on the internet.  I went through all the Barbara Walker books contemplating stitch patterns.  I swatched.  I thought.  I rolled the idea of this sweater around in my head like I would roll a hard candy around in my mouth.  Then I knit the sweater.  Knitting the sweater was the easy part and took about ten days.

Typing the pattern took three days and twelve very intense hours of solitude.  The pattern is written for seven sizes, from a finished measurement of 34″ to one of 56″.  There are four different stitch patterns, three flowing one to the next on the torso up to the neck and a fourth from the cuff of the sleeve up to the neck (this is a saddle shoulder sweater).  Of course, I had insights along the way as I knit this sweater and unvented a new way to shape the neck — keeping all stitches live for the end to knit the collar.  I have a stack of papers filled with math, measurements, sketches and scribbles an inch high — all so the pattern could be precise.

The pattern is called: “The Admiral” and will be published by Frog Tree Yarns, my ever-beloved patron.  It is based on traditional men’s fishing Ganseys.  The whole point of the stitch patterning is to draw the eye of the beholder away from the wearer’s abdomen, up to the shoulders and face, while providing a simple easy masculine look — or slimming look for a women.  My husband modeled it unblocked for me and even said: “If you were to ever knit this for me, just two inches longer.”  Shocking.  The pattern will debut at the Columbus TNNA trade show along with the sweater, knit in EWETOPIA, Frog Tree’s newest scrumptious yarn.

I continue training for my Camino in September.  The lesson which has become most apparent to me is this:  our World only seems mundane.  We choose whether to make our days mundane or sacred…and every moment can be transformed with a deep breath and an attitude adjustment.

Netflix fans:  just finished watching the four episodes of “Grand Tour” — great documentary about architecture and history and more.  There is also an intense talk by Adam Savage on something called: TED talks, ancient facts…worth the 15 minute investment of time.

My prayers, Italy (and World) are with you.  May you find peace and safety — sooner.

Ramble Complete.

Of course I called…Kudos to Amy…she knows why.



I had so many plans for yesterday…LOLZ.  The studio is neat and tidy and ready for tonight.  I have some lovely wines to try and Eve Ellsworth is bringing scrumptious yarns.  I ran to the store this morning for cups and a balloon to put up out front so people would know there is clearly a party here today.  Lastly, before things get rolling, I wanted to put up a post with the tidbits of this week…serious, funny and otherwise.

The woman getting beaten with the frozen armadillo causes me less pause than the fact that these two people were BARGAINING over the price.


Going through my email this morning, Chris sent a hilarious email.  Here it is in pdf form — that way if you don’t want to read it you don’t have to.  I rather liked #16 on the list though.  Truths We Realize Too Late <<just click on those words to the left and the file will open.  You can save it if you like.

Ewenice got her first wintry coat this past week.


My front yard after the first snow of the year.


We got about six inches of snow...we were much luckier than others who got up to two feet of snow!


This scarf is one of my first designs. I knit it in 1986 when the Mets won the world series for my then boyfriend.


Okay.  I am still playing GraalClassic avidly and this is a shout out for help.  I have fallen and I can’t get up — proverbially speaking.  I am stuck in the mini-Halloween quest and can’t get out because I can’t kill all three baddies in the cave.  I am out of arrows.  I am out of bombs.  I am well and truly stuck.  Please, those of you who have them, check with your teenage children for advice.  I am really in a hot mess here.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Apprentice Knitzilla


Brian's last Junior Comets practice of the year. His team made the "Superbowl", which is this the studio will be closed to go watch my star player!


See you here later today.  Take care and stay Light.  Loads of love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio















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