Here is a new attempt to simplify your access to the patterns put up on this blog for Summit Yarn Studio.  I don’t know if this will work at all but it is worth a shot to save you time and aggravation.  This page will contain ALL  pattern downloads — as a summary.  You will be able to link to the patterns here as well as in the original blog post where they were introduced.  Let me know if this works better for you…xox m.e.

ERRATA FOR THE ANGEL PATTERN:  errataAngel <<<CLICK ON THAT, OVER THERE (UNDERLINED when you put the cursur over it) and the pdf will open so you can download the corrections for this pattern.  Email me at: with any other questions and I will get right back to you!  M.E.

Budding Vines Socks knit in Pediboo and Colinette Jitterbug

Budding Vines Purchase Link to Pay Pal click on those words to the left, a pdf will open, then click on the link there and it will take you directly to Pay Pal…you do not have to be a member of Ravelry to purchase this pattern.  Thank you!  xox

close-up of Budding Vines Sock knit in Frog Tree Yarns Pediboo

08/08/11:  The older patterns, which are at the top of this list are now available for purchase in my online Ravelry Store for a nominal fee ($3).  They have all been test knit and continue to enjoy knitting popularity as they seem to be frequently downloaded.  My Rav name is:  theHumanLoom and I love to hear from you!

12/3/10:  As of today this pattern has been downloaded 3000 times and favorited 750 times on Ravelry!  Yay!

Whipped is available in my Ravelry Store and is still regularly downloaded…which is a thrill for me every time.

OH SO WARM MITTS!  The pattern is available in my Ravelry Store.  Let me know what you think and especially if there are anycorrections.  My email is: .  There is also an addendum to transform these into mittens if you choose!

Old Shale Baby Blanket

Old Shale Baby Blanket:  the pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for $3.  If you have not checked out Ravelry yet, go now and have a blast!

asymmetric one-button scarf

ASYMMETRIC ONE-BUTTON SCARF is now available in my Ravelry online Store.


COLLARED ONE-BUTTON SCARF is now available in my online Ravelry Store.


NEWBORN BABY SOCKS is the pattern I use to teach socks for the first time to anyone who wants to learn.  It also includes a great tutorial for how to do grafting (Kitchener Stitch) and so becomes a great reference to carry around in your knitting bag.  The pattern is now available in my online Ravelry Store.


Summit Yarn Chullo:  this is one of my highest rated patterns on Ravelry and is available for a nominal fee in my Ravelry Online Store.

celtic vine mitts here are the corrections, cable symbols, and errata for this pattern for anyone who bought Yakaboo!!!  let me know if you have any questions…m.e.

mitts: one with K2 on outside and one with K1 rib on outside…both ways nice

M.E.’S FINGERLESS MITTS:  These are a quick knit in the round with the thumbs knit as you go.  This is still a fan favorite at my studio and is available in my online Ravelry Store.  If you want to knit these on straight needles, cast on as directed and on the wrong side rows just knit the knits and purl the purls.  Sew seams and bury ends when you finish. Wear and Enjoy!xox m.e.

Candy Cane Cowl

Candy Cane Cowl is an original design done last winter.  It has been very popular as it is quick to knit, requires a minimum of yarn and makes a great last-minute gift.  The pattern is available in my online Ravelry Store for a nominal fee.

Peas Please Triangular Scarf/Shawl

Peas Please! is a collection of four patterns:  a triangular shawl/scarf, a rectangular shawl, a 6 inch wide scarf/rectangle, and a baby blanket.  The link to purchase this collection is here:  <a href=”″>buy now</a>

Bleeding Hearts Socks

These socks were designed during last year’s Ravelympics.  The challenge was to knit a sample, write and publish the pattern all within the time frame of those Winter Olympics.  I did this pattern AND a sweater pattern…must have lost my mind…still haven’t found it.  Let me know if you see it rolling around somewhere!  Here is the link to purchase this pattern: <a href=”″>buy now</a>

America The Bluetiful

This is a bottom-up knit in the round sweater that is very stretchy and written for a variety of sizes.  It was designed during the 2010 Winter Olympics for the Ravelympics and I had a blast doing the designwork, publishing and getting this whole sweater done in such a concentrated time period.  There are lots of photos of this in my blog as well as on Ravelry.  Here is the link if you would like to purchase this pattern:   <a href=”″>buy now</a>

Bellflower Lace Scarf–Oct. 2010 Mystery KAL

Bellflower Just click on the highlighted pattern title and the pdf will open so you can print it and enjoy the knit.

THE HUG SHAWL — fast and easy, perfect for Prayer Shawls

The Hug Shawl Just click on the highlighted words at the left and the pdf file will open for you viewing pleasure!  I wrote this pattern back in 2006 and it has received a real workout from my knitters here at Summit Yarn.  Enjoy!

Whale Watcher Scarf…designed in San Francisco

whalewhatcherscarf This is a bias knit scarf knit all in one piece with a nice point in the middle which can be worn front or back as you choose.  It can be knit wide for a warm scarf or very narrow with a fancy yarn to wear like jewely with a blouse.  Just click on the highlighted title and the pdf will open for you!

Whale Watcher Scarf knit from narrow ribbon yarn!

Baby Bootie Pattern for Worsted and Sock weight yarns

theHumanLoomsBootees These are great for two reasons:  this is a great way to destash and also to always have much appreciated baby presents ready at a moment’s notice.  Click on the highlighted title of this pattern and go get your knit on!

The Tickle Me Scarf

Tickle Me Scarf design by Mary Ellen Langieri of Summit Yarn Studio and other parts unknown and best left that way.  Just click on the highlighted title of this pattern and the pdf will open for you.  Have fun with this one!

JoAnn Reversible Textured Scarf

JoAnn This is an easy 9 row scarf pattern my friend JoAnn found and brought in to share.  Just open on the highlighted title and the pdf will open for you!

Jaunty Sue Ascot

JAUNTY SUE This is the pattern I use to teach cable-technique with and without a cable needle at my studio.  It can be done with a minimum amount of yarn and includes the how-to for an ascot-style keyhole.  Cables are fun and addictive and no-calories…have a go at this!  Click on the highlighted title and the pdf will open for you to download.

Hugs and Hearts Scarf…based on these mittens, another pattern I wrote three years ago!

at last…a photo of the scarf!

Hugs And Hearts Yes, the picture is mittens…I have only one pattern repeat knit so far and this is not enough for a photo.  The scarf has two 2-stitch cables on either side of the central staghorn cable you see on the mitten nearest you in the photo above.  Hopefully, by the next time I come edit this page I will have enough knit for a sample.  Until then have fun with the pattern…all the kinks have been smoothed out!

Rosette Scarflette

Rosette Scarflette Just click on those highlighted words and the pdf will open.  While the design is mine, we all have Lisa Tizzoni to thank for this brainchild and it is so lovely!

Alicia's Winter Headband

Alicia’s Winter Headband

Alicia’s Winter Headband Just click on the words at the beginning of this paragraph and the pdf will open for you.  This design was created at the suggestion of Alicia Hallinan, one of Dunmore’s finest!

How To Knit and Purl Just click on those highlighted words and a photo tutorial for how to make the knit stitch will be there for your support!

How To Knit and Purl part two Part two gives you the steps for how to make a purl stitch.  Both these sets of photo tutorials are for right-handed knitters.  Directions for lefty knitters are on the way!

Nancy’s Ladder Scarf….she was busting up her stash!

LADDER STITCH SCARF Just click on the highlighted words to the left and the pdf will open for you.

The ICE FLOE Scarf — January Summit Sock Club

How to make a double Yarnover This is a photo tutorial and when you click on the highlighted words the pdf will open for you.

Garter Stitch Mobius knit in one piece on a 40″ circular needle from the middle out to the edges.

PattiMac’sMobius This is a GREAT technique.  Learn it and discover new ways to use this…I would love to see this idea evolve!  There are directions for how to do this mobius in either the Garter Stitch OR the Welt Stitch patterns included in the pdf.

Donna’s mobius

Donna’s friend modeling the Mobius

Welted Stitch Mobius

RATTY PATTERNS HERE are the two cat toy patterns I wrote back in December in the 12/20 and 12/27 blogs.  Enjoy and send me photos of your cats when you get the opportunity!

Goddess Stitch Shawl something quick, easy and portable for summer knitting just for you!

Mawata Mittens just click on those first words (the name of the pattern) and the pdf will open.

TeaCozyOne just click on those first words (the name of the pattern) and the pdf will open.

Take care and knit with inpsiration because it is YOUR ARTWORK!xox m.e.


17 Responses to “Pattern Downloads/Errata”

  1. beth Says:

    Thanks so much for the great, and easy pattern for the collared scarf. You just solved my > “what do I make for my principal and Assistant principal, for HAnnukah?” problem!

    1. Thank You! for even noticing…let me know how it goes for you…it is a very quick knit…hope you enjoy! happy holidays!xox…m.e.

  2. Jean Says:

    Your patterns are wonderful. I might have to get the knitting needles out of the cabinet. I’ve taken to crocheting the last couple of years but the one button scarf is so pretty and looks manageable for this perpetual beginner!

  3. Bridget Says:

    I love all your free patterns and only wish I could begin to make any one of the items – especially the newborn socks – they are so adorable!!!!

  4. MyssT Says:

    Thank you so much for the patterns…you are so kind!!!

    SassySean on Ravelry

  5. joanie Says:

    I am trying to download the Alicia headband, but for some reason I can’t. Could you please e-mail me the pattern? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. I love your patterns!!!

    Thank you!

    1. Sent it to you last night. enjoy and Happy New Year!m.e.

  6. Bonnie Rowe Says:

    Hi, I was in your studio on Friday and there was annother girl in their also. She was wearing a cowled white or beige scarf. I can’t seem to find the pattern. Ok thank you, I do like your website. Bonnie

    1. The cowl was The Yarn Harlot’s Encompass, which can be found on Ravlery in her pattern store and it is well worth the purchase!

  7. Jackie Paulson Author Says:

    I love the Hug shawl best. I love that pattern.

  8. Karen Says:

    Thanks you so much for sharing these wonderful patterns. I can’t wait to get started with a Mobius cowl.

  9. Liz Johnson Says:

    would you give me the link to the Arsenic and Old Lace squares patterns? I give up looking.

  10. Eve Falcou Says:

    I am looking for a download of your wonderful pattern “Frog tree collection the angel, FT-290” and can’t find it. Can you help me?

    1. Dear Eve:
      Thank you for your interest in this pattern! My store, Summit Yarn Studio, will send you an invoice via PayPal and then, when that invoice is completed send you a PDF to your email. Have a great day and Happy Knitting!
      Mary Ellen

  11. Helen Outen Says:

    Please can you send me the Undertow shawlette pattern. I can’t find it to down load. Thanks, Helen

  12. Josefa Says:

    I would like to have de Donnas pattern.

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