All I have to say today is…read the posted comments to the blog yesterday, May 17th. One in five readers could not solve the riddle. 😜
Love and light, Mary Ellen



This is a hilarious riddle:
The equation in the photo below is close to the title of what well-known book?


George, our tuxedo cat, wants Smidgen to love him. Never gonna happen. But the Flirt continues…lol!


Busy today…repaired two more couch cushions shredded some time ago by beloved dog. Both dogs needed grooming–so out came the shears. Daisy, the smaller of my two dogs(photo below), submits as long as I do it. She totally freaks out if I try to take her to a groomer. Whitney, gets matted fur by her ears. She is 45-50pounds of dog and I never knew she could curl herself up as small as she did tonight. Sheesh!

After all that, I got to work on a lace crochet piece–could be shawl or maybe sweater…hmm. Anyone out there watching Fargo? It’s creepy but I can’t look away from this version!

CLASH OF CLANS: Our little clan, only six days old with 30+ members, won its first war! AWESOMESAUCE! We worked together really hard and even though the end was a real nail biter, we won!

Hope your days are fun, too!
xox Mary Ellen








Things are good here at home. My son teases me and says, “Mom, your hermit mode is engaged!” The pets are loving having us around all the time…and the feeling is mutual. Gary loves coming home to a hot dinner and fewer chores because I can pick up the slack.

We have binge watched ourselves silly on Game of Thrones (HBO). Some episodes I even watched twice so Gary didn’t know I went ahead. 😳

Went to the storage unit today–going to make a stack of baby socks for the upcoming Etsy store, baby sweaters, and some Noro shawls (found a pattern I really like to do). Now Gary is the one who knows where everything is–so I just said: I want yarn for this, this and this. Kinda fun!

My car is yellow with pollen. The bunnies and robins are all over our yard and Brian is ready to get the garden planted. Maybe we will go to Kettells this weekend!





When we visited NYC in March, my friend who works there, Thomas, asked me if I had ever heard of this form of crochet. Nope. So in spare moments between my shopping and his waiting on other customers we hit Google hard.

There is exactly ONE video I have found on you tube. I even asked a young friend from Norway if the women in his family could help. I think he misunderstood and thought the Norwegian word “Pjoning” was something perverted. So, that was the end of that.

I bought a book–it is in Norwegian with a handout of very random definitions. But it is interesting and the options for color work are sublime…see the photos below.

If anyone can teach me properly, I would love to hear from you. If anyone has ANY information at all, I would love to hear from you!













Back on March 31st we went to NYC for the day to celebrate family, life, and happiness. I was able to stop at purl and found two crochet projects. I have just finished the first in a laceweight mad tosh yarn, color: whiskers. It is a rectangular shawl. I still need to soak and block it but was surprised and pleased by both the process and the results. The pattern came from Interweave Crochet, which other than the Japanese books, seems to have the prettiest up to date fashions in pattern form available.

The second project is also from Interweave Crochet…a filet crochet pattern with two dragons. It will take time as Nikkers (my cat) is not fond of charts and rulers! LOL! Will post photos as I can, as well as the names of the patterns which are most likely available at the online Interweave store.

The new clan is up to over 25 members of all levels and we are lucky enough to have some really experienced players (CORIBIO AND HAVOK) who advise the players rising in the ranks. There is no drama and I can go back to playing this GAME without the threats and negativity the leader in the former clan exhibited. If you watch Game of Thrones, he was King Joffrey and I was most definitely, The Hound. LOL!

Speaking of Game of Thrones, I am all caught up to the current episode…will ANYONE BE ALIVE AT THE END?

Have a great day and remember to laugh!
xox Mary Ellen, The Hound