This is what it looks like just outside the door to my knitting studio today AND now the sun is shining as well.  This is…AT LAST (can you hear the song in your head…”At Last”)…the snow I have been waiting for all winter.  Eight inches of it landed sometime in the night.  It is still clean, fresh, and white.  Every branch of every tree is outlined.  As I drove into the studio today, the children were all out in their driveways shoveling snow…as well they should.  It was a wonderful sight.  And talk about perfect timing…on a day the kids had off from school anyway.  It just doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Then, again, maybe it does.  Tonight is also Monday…our weekly family ski outing is tonight and I can hardly wait to discover what it feels like to actually ski on snow instead of ice.  I was up ill all night last night and feel ick today…but I am not going to miss this opportunity.  Period.  The End.

I at least want to get one run down the bunny slope and if worse comes to worse, I can go melt in the ski lodge with some ginger ale.

The Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan/Scarf KAL is going to keep you busy this week.  I have the square all worked and edited for you AND also you will begin the edging on the first strip/insertion unit of this afghan.  This way when you are done knitting the body of the afghan you will only have two long sides to edge…not all four.  You will thank me later…I hope.

These are sheep in England.  Lisa Tizzoni and her son, Mark took these photos and framed them for me.  I keep them proudly displayed in the studio.  I was admiring them again this morning so I thought I would share them with you.  Aren’t the babies so cute…there is nothing so wonderful as the feel and smell of a lovely sheep.  Yes, call me weird if you want to…I can live with that.  Sheep don’t eat my yarn, they supply it.


And last, but never least, is a note about my dear son.  He belongs to the Competitve Training Camp (CTC) at our local tennis club and here he is in the newspaper (yesterday):

That is him in the first row on the left of the photo! YAY!

Take care and have a lovely day.  Stay warm and have fun in this last blast of winter.  Wishing you loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn