Have been spinning and doing research to open my online Etsy shop. My patterns, including the Angel Sweater with improvements, and the Arsenic & Old Lace Afghan, will become available for online purchase then. We are looking at a start date of September. Also have some new designs cooking–all no sew items for your knitting pleasure! Yarn, both handspun and commercial will be available.

Just checked my exercise diary to find I have been at it six weeks and making steady progress. I have lost 10 pounds, my waist is smaller, and I am in a great mental/emotional space–not to mention I have been sleeping like a rock at night. I began with just cardio–a slow paced walk with variable incline work included (like on the Camino). Now I am lifting as well. I workout five days a week with two scattered rest days. It feels so good.

The four legged children are so happy with me at home, and I think huz and son are as well. We have been playing card games at night and it’s been great! Let me recommend Sabateur (easy peasy), Pairs, and Boss Monster (for those of you who game). I finally found a way to turn off the technology and gather my family around. Yay!






Yesterday I finished mending the six couch cushions our dog shredded as a puppy. It took a month or so, what with closing the studio and all. Of course, doing this work at home, the cats were a HUGE help. lol!

Began a new crochet shawl for the soon to be etsy store. Using Noro lace weight and I am loving the look! Today, plan on spinning as my reward for finishing the couch!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Have fun and stay safe!
Love and Light, Mary Ellen






George, our tuxedo cat, wants Smidgen to love him. Never gonna happen. But the Flirt continues…lol!


Busy today…repaired two more couch cushions shredded some time ago by beloved dog. Both dogs needed grooming–so out came the shears. Daisy, the smaller of my two dogs(photo below), submits as long as I do it. She totally freaks out if I try to take her to a groomer. Whitney, gets matted fur by her ears. She is 45-50pounds of dog and I never knew she could curl herself up as small as she did tonight. Sheesh!

After all that, I got to work on a lace crochet piece–could be shawl or maybe sweater…hmm. Anyone out there watching Fargo? It’s creepy but I can’t look away from this version!

CLASH OF CLANS: Our little clan, only six days old with 30+ members, won its first war! AWESOMESAUCE! We worked together really hard and even though the end was a real nail biter, we won!

Hope your days are fun, too!
xox Mary Ellen








Today (Monday) was Memorial Day and our 24th wedding anniversary. We were married just days after graduating together from the same medical school. I had spent the last days before our nuptials, spending as much time as I could with my Granny, who was in hospice. We spent our time embroidering a message for Gary and I to hang in our home through our life together. We based it on a doily her mother had embroidered. It said: Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. I can see it from where I sit writing this blog. She passed the day after we were married.

Frankly, I don’t know how we plowed through the first year. Gary’s mother died the day after we got back from our honeymoon…breast cancer. Gary’s favorite grandmother passed that summer. I lost my Dad to a years long illness that Spring. AND we were struggling interns.

Being an intern just means you graduated from medical school. It meant stay out of the way and do no harm. It meant stay alert and stay awake. I started sleep walking after being on call because it was so stressful to see children sick in ways that were so critical and emergent. Gary recalls whole conversations where I would tell him, in my sleep, that I was checking the blood pressure and urine output of…the clothes hamper in our apartment. I still have zero memory of that event, but Gary swears it is the truth.

We have buried two children and adopted (with our whole being) our beloved son, Brian. We have traveled and seen the beauty inherent in this World. We have survived more ups and downs than we can number anymore. We are two very different people whose lives have grown together and become intwined in innumerable ways…much like the Scotch Broom and Red Rose Bush next to our front door. I can no longer see where one starts or the other ends. They support each other through the heat of summer and protect each other through our wind blown winters. We have become the same. We are so very lucky and grateful to have come so far through so much. Now we know we can survive anything together…even when we feel cranky with each other, this surety remains.


Last night I watched part of a documentary on Netflix called: Happy. It said that we have a baseline of happiness we are capable of feeling that is due 50% to genetics, 10% to the circumstances of our lives, and 40% is up to our own intention to maintain as we choose to or not. Even more simply, our day to day dramas only account for 10% and the other 90% of our mood is entirely up to the thoughts we dwell upon from moment to moment. We are responsible for the energy and light we bring into this world, into our own lives, AND into the lives we come across each day. I choose to be happy.

Today was stressful due to circumstances beyond my control. I marched myself into the gym after work because the physical exertion helps me release the stress. My friend, Deb, was there and remarked: you look like you don’t want want to be here. My face must have really been showing what I was aware of only as tense shoulders and neck. Her statement took me by surprise — mostly because I really did want to be there. Lesson to me: watch my inner energy more carefully. Get to the gym more often. I had a great workout by the way…the best in ages.

That aside, I am nearly done with a new shawl design and it will be done for Spring weather before the heat of Summer arrives. Yay! Photos below.

Take care and experiment with your state of happiness. I would love to hear what you discover!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn






I love the above sock pattern but I feel that $10 for a single sock pattern is a bit steep — especially given the backlog of books of sock patterns I have yet to exhaust in my library. Thoughts?