Had to spend the morning at home with the new home security installer. The old company was just an epic fail so we replaced them with ADT. The installer was named Billy Dolphin ( he and his wife are the proud parents of a new baby girl ) and he was awesome. He did everything I asked without any whining and got it done in a little over two hours. Kudos to Mr. Dolphin!

Got to the studio late but still got a good amount knit on the new Hearten sample for Frog Tree Yarns. Today is an early day because Brian has a sports activity. I spent two hours+ at the gym and earned my first Camino blister–apparently my sneakers are worn out. I took a good look inside them and was horrified. At first I thought it was just the insoles but I have worn away most of the lining inside and had no idea. Sheesh! The blister is little and should heal/callous rapidly. I am actually grateful to be able to practice with a blister here at home first rather than out on the open road.

I found and ordered my backpack and rain jacket (went with that rand you liked Suzy…starts with an M). I have my old passport to send in sometime this week. My playlist is about fifty minutes long…looking for positive upbeat uptempo inspiring songs. I test drove the playlist at the gym today. I have a habit of singing the parts I like louder than I think I am singing. Gary cringes, some people make nasty faces (somehow they think talking loudly on their phones while they “work out” is less offensive), other people smile because I sing happy stuff and they get it, and other people laugh and I love that…it makes me smile. The world should allow for more silliness. My favorite song to sing random words in between deep breaths is “I’m a Believer”–the Eddie Murphy version.

Gotta go–my battery is near death. Take care and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! Love and light always,
Mary Ellen







As promised and I thank you for your patience, the next part of this year’s crochet-a-long afghan.

This week you will be working along both long sides of your piece.


close-up detail photo for reference as you crochet...next week will be lace.


CAL3A just click on that CAL3A at the very beginning of this paragraph and the pdf will open for your crochet pleasure.  If there are ANY issues please email me of leave a comment and I will fix it.  I did have total silence to type this out for you and have hopes that all will go well.  Take care and rest assured, we are back on track.

with light and love, always, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn

Everyone has been very busy while I was preparing for TNNA.  Thanks to Alicia wearing one of the loop scarves I sold during the holiday sample sale this past December, this scarf pattern is off and running again.  My version spirals for someunknown reason and is loads of fun…will type at some future date so you can play with it.  For now, enjoy and hopefully be inspired by all the awesome fiber arts going on at Summit Yarn.  Here in no particular order:

Kate Wassel's entrlac socks...she is currently crocheting the cutest owl ever! This past weekend was her birthday -- so be sure to send her great Birthday Wishes!!!


I came up with a way to crochet this infinity scarf so it has a sawtooth edge on both edges and Chris is loving the pattern and tested it through every possible variation!


Chris finished her Prysm Socks from one of last year's kits.


one of the Ewetopia swatches I did to see what stitch definition I could get...!


Skullcap worn by my teenage son...two balls would make a nice sized adult stocking hat.


Izzy wearing a cowl version of the crochet Infinity Scarf made from Big Trend yarn in Rainbow Colors


One of Donna's socks made from the wonderful Opal Sock Yarn.


a knit bag ready for felting...do they have to be this big? Yes, they lose at least half their vertical height and some of the width (about one third).


Carol with her Bedouin Bag by Noni prior to felting. Well done!


Chris is still plugging away at her four at a time socks....these are just going to take a good amount of time!


Robin's Juniper Moon hat (pattern from Interweave Knits I believe)...love the stitch texture...I think this stitch pattern would be great for socks!


Frog Tree Yarns Picoboo Hat knit by Jamie using fibonacci Stripe technique.


Jamie's Arroway Shawl...now completed and absolutely gorgeous. This pattern however was the base pattern for his first shawl in this five month series. I hope we get something really original and NEW in February!


Beautiful Baby Hat by Beth for first grandchild!


Flounce-like yarn by Katia that has defined holes to knit through at the top of this "yarn". If you are interested in this in the future just let me know!


Suzy models the Origami Cardigan knit in Meriboo Machine Washable...still unfinished, it is back at the bottom of the list again.


Shawl by Suzy knit in Noro...pattern from Ravelry...Suzy: title of pattern?


close-up view -- fair isle knitting the fun and easy way!Suzy models the Zora Infinity Scarf.




Jean brings intarsia up to a new level...check out this Star Wars blanky!!!


Jean knit a brimmed hat for her Huz to wear skiing! We had to frankenknit two patterns to get the hat to meet Huz's specifications.


This is our newest Suzie wearing her first loop knit scarf!


mitten knit by Robin over thirty years ago...still in great shape!


New pair of mittens being knit by Robin for daughter Clare in Kollage Glisten...it sparkles like ice but is not metallic.


both mittens together on record for posterity!


My logcabin quilt inspired baby blanket knit in ALL 24 COLORS of Pediboo by Frog Tree Yarns.


a swatch of pediboo in random color order (color pack #2)


Cashmerino Snow-bootees...pattern posted earlier this week on this blog.


Hearten Hooded Stole...pattern available from Frog Tree Yarns...by yours truly.


That is up to date for now.  I am hard at work on two new ideas and will let you know if they work, when they are ready!  Take care and let me know how your knitting is going along!

with love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn






completed bootees in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and DiVe Blackjack


BabyBUGGS just click on those first two words of this paragraph and the pdf will open for you to enjoy.  These were designed especially for my customer, Cathy, but I hope you all enjoy this easy to do pattern.  Have fun with it!

Updated Knit-A-Long and Crochet-A-Long Projects


Though you cannot see the patterns well, here is a photo of both the KAL:  Grandma’s Garden Afghan and the CAL:  Take A Journey Afghan.  If you look carefully at the KAL you can even see a teaser for something I will post later this week.  For your patterns just go to the appropriate page above and your pattern link is there.  Have fun and let me know how it is going!

with love, light and laughter,  Mary Ellen and menagerie!  ;-D

Once again there is a stack of photos on my phone, so it is time to share.  The knitters and crocheters of Summit Yarn have been busy indeed.  I have a new pattern to type this weekend (two actually, one for Frog Tree Yarns and one for those of you who like to crochet)…here is a preview of that as well.  I am informed by a most excellent source that Monday is the Full Moon…so, for what it is worth…three days before and three days after tend to be a little more intense…give people the benefit of the doubt and attribute it all to the Moon.  Above all, enjoy the weekend and get your fiber ON!

These balls of yarn ends represent eight years of customers projects and me tying their ends together. The one that is red and fuzzy is TWO years...my first two years...where I made my most mistakes and also learned the most.

Chris test-crochet my idea and this is the first version made from a multitonal sock yarn.

Donna is knitting the MiniMochi...this is the Volcano...LOVE THESE! I would love to make them all and decorate my Christmas Tree with them next year! The cats would love it!

This is the mermaid...great clamshells...I wish I could find support like that.

Donna's friend, and our friend by proxy, Carol working on her Bedouin Bag (pattern by Noni). Carol used a different color for the horizontal ridges that run around the bag. Another way to find where to connect back to when knitting the ridge into place is to put a lifeline into the first row of the ridge.

Jamie is working on a hat pattern Lourdes found on Ravelry. It is by Debbie Stoller(S&B) and is a free download AND a wonderful knit for cable lovers.


Suzy models version 1.3 of Outback Crochet Crack in Frog Tree Yarns Pediboo, made using two skeins.

Chris works on Outback Crochet Crack version 1.4 in Big Trend, a self-striping yarn in an acrylic/wool blend which retails for $10 a ball and has about 350 yards and is here waiting for you at Summit Yarn. Love the color changes!!!

Chris is nearly done with her Pinwheel Potholder (Crochet Traditions magazine) and it is a beautiful flower!

Here is one of my designs worked up...a baby sweater using Peas Orenberg Lace stitch and an elastic cotton yarn...note the matching booties!

We were able to meet Uncle Dude for breakfast this morning and he looks awesome!  Thank you all so much for your prayers…please keep them going as he is still recovering and is working hard.  Also on the prayer list:  Kelcey, Rory, and a sincere prayer for peace and contentment in the hearts of all who inhabit this world.

finally…your daily dose of cute:

Nikkers Naps on Mom's Lap

A word to you crocheters out there…go check out the site “CrochetMe”…awesome.  I purchased the Dahlia Shawl and that is coming up on my to do list soon.  Let me know what you think!

loads of love, light, and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn


Both the KAL and the CAL were put up on the blog as promised and both were linked to Ravelry.  I actually completed those tasks Tuesday night — quite a bit of typing involved.  Then I went up to shower and bed.  I always get antsy after putting up the page…you know, what if?  Well, not to worry.  Even though I am only announcing the crochet page now, those crocheters are industrious people and they found it without me.  Every time I checked my stats yesterday on WordPress the numbers were just soaring…so THANK YOU!!!

Eye of the Heart -- center motif for the Take A Journey Afghan


EyeOfTheHeart:One Just click on those word directly to the left of this sentence and the pdf will open for you.  The pdf’s will also be posted on the crochet-a-long page at the top of the blog for easy and quick reference.  These are free patterns for this year.  If you are and LYS please refer your customers to this site as the site views keep the blog alive and easily found by search engines.  Thank you in advance for you consideration.

Dear Elisabeth (aka Crazie4crochet):  THANK YOU for the sweet comment! I loved hearing from you.  Please send a photo so we can share in your vision of this afghan…who knows what you may inspire?  My email is summityarnstudio@aol.com  and thanks again!  M.E.

TNNA is coming soon and the stack of work is beckoning so off I go.  Hoping to write a longer and more informative post tomorrow.  With loads of love, laughter and light always,

Mary Ellen aka theHumanLoom