Was thinking about a friend of mine who was going through some testing today. So, I knit her a hat for the future just in case. Did a gauge swatch … Did the math and decided 88 sts on a US5 would be perfect for her petite self. Hope I was right.

A hat can be knit in the round or flat. Do a swatch and get your stitches per inch. Measure the persons cranium if at all possible and the subtract one inch. Multiply stitches per inch by size of cranium and cast on that number. For an adult I like the hat to be deep — like 6-7 inches before I start my decreases. Less so for a child.

Since my hat had 88 sts I based my decreases on units of 11 to begin with:
(K9, k2tog) around, work one row even
(K8, k2tog) around, work one row even
And so on until it is: (k2tog) across whole row.

Then I like to graft my hats closed…I just like the look.

Here is what I knit today:



There are various parts of Pigwig (see pattern on Ravelry) sitting on my table at the studio. However, today I worked on my part of a swap project with Cheryl. We agreed I would knit two hats and she would crochet the flowers for both. Then one would be hers and one a demo for the studio. So, hers got knit today and mine is on needles. The pattern is a hat for a three year old in DK weight yarn with crochet flowers in a bunch of colors on top from a book called (I think) Itty Bitty Hats. Actually, the book only has a newborn size and I wrote the three year old size after a little research. Photos below. I have it on good authority, Summit Yarn would be happy to share the pattern free with purchase of yarn for the project!

Sunset tonight was gorgeous although it was hard to get a great shot with electrical poles everywhere. The photo follows. It really was spectacular with the moon showing in the sky while it was still daylight. Robin and I had a lovely knit and visit today; listening to beautiful classical music–some by modern composers I discovered I liked very much. Chris was in briefly and found the newest yarn for lace knitters — it just arrived today. It is ahhhhhh.

FRIDAY: MARTHA WELLS– Happy Birthday to Ewe!