Had a great visit with Kate yesterday. She and I are both near the end of the Juneberry Shawl — I just need to be somewhere quiet to work on the edging because it requires some focus. Kate feels much the same. Everyone wave and wish Kate well! She is moving back to Florida to get her PhD but I’m sure she will be back eventually. We plan to Skype on Fridays!

Jamie and I have finished the Building Blocks blanket but as written it is small. We are going to go through the stitch dictionaries this Friday night and add four more squares. Jamie: I buried all my ends–now I am caught up to you! Yay!

The Indulgence in Missoni colors arrived for those of you who are interested! I can offer it for $20 a ball and some colors arrived in sweater quantities.

We are missing Chris, who is now basically consumed with getting everything ready for the family summer digs. Hoping she has a great time!

Cheryl is making baby bootees and baby socks in bright happy colors. Jan is working on Cable Brannigan and baby pods. Martha always has a sock on needle and a lace project or four up her sleeve. Kathy is doing the Undertow Shawlette. Tola got me hooked on the Beekeepers Quilt and of you get a chance go watch the videos on Tiny Owl Knits blogged. I dare you to be depressed when listening to her…she is the happiest person in the world.

























Jamie was a super friend and knit a bunch of new ratty toys for Nikkers as George has eaten all the old hand knit toys except one which is brought only once George has been put in my sons room for the night. Nikkers is enthralled–eyes fully dilated.

I finished the Undertow Shawlette with one skein. It measures 40″ wide and 13.5″ deep. It is pinned and drying at the studio. Can hardly wait until it is dry! Here are some photos:





The next part of the pattern is my own variation on an antique Shetland Lace stitch called: Crest of the Wave (a close relative of Old Shale aka Feather and Fan/a Victorian renaming of Old Shale). If you read about these old Shetland stitches, the stories are amazing and the stitches were very much inspired by the world around these past knitting relatives of ours — as we all of course, belong to each other in one big family of Knitters and Fiber Artists. Old Shale mimicked the waves of the ocean on a beach of shale, spider lace looks just like little wee spiders that must have been up in the ceiling corners of the cottages they lived and knit within. There’s so much more to this heritage. Sharon Miller is the best source I can think of. Martha probably will put other citations/authors in the comment section so take a look in a day or so.

Getting back to the business at hand, the next part of the shawl will draw down all those eyelets you just made in the garter section into a ripple that looks like the bubbles at the top of a wave; just as the undertow in the flow of the ocean would draw a swimmer down into its own natural movement. The technique uses what are called delayed decreases…all the increases are together in one place and all the decreases that balance out the increases (keeping the stitch count the same) come later all in one separate section. Depending on how you use delayed decreases you can bend a fabric in many ways; creating a bias (slanted) fabric, or zig zags, or wavy ripples as we are in this lively shawlette. (Thanks to Maggie Boga for the illustrative photograph!)


You will begin with a piece of fabric that looks like this:


And end with a much wider piece of fabric that looks like this:



I think I might have been interested in physics and engineering if someone had only pointed out how the basic principles work in knitting! Instead, now it will always be some Higher Form of Magic.
And maybe that’s not such a bad thing either…

xx M.E. and Summit Yarn


Had a lovely busy day at the studio today. Everybody is very busy with their latest projects and Jamie is mostly busy with kittens — everybody send her blessings because without her those little sweet souls would have perished.

Nikkers and I spent the afternoon having a lovefest…at least until the thunder and lightning gave the dogs the idea that maybe they could fit in my lap as well — everyone all at the same time. That didn’t work so well.

Finished the final shawl chart this evening for Juneberry. Would suggest doing a combination of right and left hand knitting for the bobbles so the whole shawl doesn’t have to be flipped over and over for each bobble. My gauge would never be even for regular knitting this way but its good enough for bobbles. I love this shawl — in this green it looks like curly lettuce and pea pods!

Wishing Everyone a very Happy and Serene Mother’s Day!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn













Have made it through 525 yards of a green yarn that turns my hands blue. Finally, I took a look at the label: indigo based dye. Ooooooooooh! I am really enjoying Juneberry and love the first lace…probably enough to design a cardigan in the future. Sat down with graph paper today and matched charts b to c to d and have completed the first 5 rows of chart d. I may have to go sit in my closet at home to get through the rest of the rows; it takes a bit of concentration but worth it.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day to any human being who nurtures others!
Much Love, M.E. and Summit Yarn


I don’t have photos of everything but let’s go for a summary: Suzy working on sweater but very busy at work. Jamie working on Tickle Me sweater test knit and Cable Brannigan (half way) AND nursing four abandoned kittens every four hours. Kate is working on Juneberry; just finished chart A. Chris has finished her red sweater, Shadow and it is amazing. She has multiple socks and the shawl, Multnomah on needles. Pat S. has socks on needles and I’m waiting for our next lesson. Kelly has the Sunny Days shawl on needles. Cheryl is immersed in Jade Sapphire Maju Silk. And I am waiting to see what Brenda, Tola and Martha brought back from MSW. Jan began Cable Brannigan and is working at some baby pods. Rachel is finishing a crocheted blanket for her father. I think Robin is still on a sock but also loving her garden — and who doesn’t? Photos below.


















Please accept this invitation to an open house and yarn tasting at Summit Yarn Studio on Friday, May 17th beginning at 5 pm until closing. Joining us will be a new fabulous yarn rep from Euro Yarns to answer all our questions about the lines she carries and show us what will be new and exciting this coming Fall. Knitting Fever has kindly donated yarn samples and I will be making kits for each of you so please let me know if you plan to attend if you can, ahead of time. Please bring a pair of needles — something midrange (US 8-10) or a crochet hook. We look forward to the pleasure of your company that night!

Finished the Sunny Days Shawlette tonight. Will bury ends and block it tomorrow. Photo below…I love how it is neither striped nor variegated. It is very soft and tucks into my purse nicely for when I need just a little something. The pattern is free on Ravelry and there is a video tutorial on Carle’s blog for how to do the cast on. Back to the edging on a Hap shawl I began ages ago. Trying to kill off a few old projects.

Below is also a photo of our dogwood tree at home. The petals are intensely colored this year and I am loving seeing them out the window every morning.

We saw the latest Ironman movie — AWESOME. ūüėé
Have a great week!
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn