Below are photos showing the newest shipment of Opal Sock Yarn, each color paired with a sample sock. The deepest of all those purples is really calling my name — which I attribute to the influence of my newest favorite knitting teacher, Amy Detjen. NOTE: She has a class on Craftsy and having listened attentively to her through knitting camp, this class is NOT TO BE MISSED! I saw the sweater in person and love it!

This week is also Jamie’s birthday–so send her good wishes! August 3rd is her special day!

Below is also a photo of a free cable sock pattern called: Helene. Love it and will knit it. Who will join in the fray?

Loads of Love and Happy Days,
xx M.E. and Summit Yarn Studio







The Spring shipment of Opal just arrived, having first been sent to the west side of Grove Street. The colors are brand new and unusual for Opal–Love Them All!!! Here are photos: