I don’t have photos of everything but let’s go for a summary: Suzy working on sweater but very busy at work. Jamie working on Tickle Me sweater test knit and Cable Brannigan (half way) AND nursing four abandoned kittens every four hours. Kate is working on Juneberry; just finished chart A. Chris has finished her red sweater, Shadow and it is amazing. She has multiple socks and the shawl, Multnomah on needles. Pat S. has socks on needles and I’m waiting for our next lesson. Kelly has the Sunny Days shawl on needles. Cheryl is immersed in Jade Sapphire Maju Silk. And I am waiting to see what Brenda, Tola and Martha brought back from MSW. Jan began Cable Brannigan and is working at some baby pods. Rachel is finishing a crocheted blanket for her father. I think Robin is still on a sock but also loving her garden — and who doesn’t? Photos below.



















The photos for both the January Sock Club/KAL and the Arsenic & Old Lace KAL have been coming in to my absolute delight.  Jamie was first to finish her socks, followed by Donna Arnold and Chris Spatt.  I finished my pair late last evening just out of sheer grit, but they are done indeed.  Here are photos:

It took awhile for me to "get" what Donna meant by "Frankensock"...I love this and plan to emulate Donna's idea in the future.

Chris Spatt's Club Socks in Stormcloud Smoochie from Breat Adirondack Yarns.

My Rainbow Monkey Socks!

close-up of heel...I carried the pattern stitch down the heel just because I could...

Beverly came in and is cruising along on her Lucy Shawl.  She says it is easy to remember and a real pleasure to knit.

Bev's Lucy Shawl from Marion Foale yarn

Donna was also kind enough to model her Dale of Norway Shawl on Sunday…

Donna's Dale of Norway Shawl

Miriam, from The Netherlands not only received her yarn but plowed through the four published squares in no time flat (as has Corina)…yes, dears I watch your Blogs and enjoy them vey much!!!

Miriam's afghan in Bergere de France

The pattern for Wednesday’s block is all typed and saved.  I hope to proof it tonight or tomorrow.  Tonight I am going to attempt to ski so please think good thoughts and send protective vibes.  I would like my arms at least to remain intact.  For some reason they don’t let 47 year old women ski with the two year olds.  Why is that?  Have a wonderful night and I hope to be typing here in the studio tomorrow!  Yours in all things fiber and fun, TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn

My family and I this past Sunday!

This morning we had such a great class.  Chris arrived with my favorite tea in hand…God Bless her soul!  Barb Stauffer was here finishing the second sock, formerly hers, but now going to her grandson (at least til he outgrows them…then maybe back to Barb!).  Alicia came to show her red Encompass cowl…mostly so we could get a feel for gauge and yarn usage.  Alicia, Chris and I have each knit this cowl…each with a very slightly different gauge but each with very different results.  The gist of all this is, using US 10 needles and at a gague of 3.5 sts to the inch IN GARTER STITCH, I was able to get five pattern repeats out of 330 yards of yarn.  Alicia is knitting at a little tighter gauge, and while her cowl is two inches narrower that mine, she will probably get six pattern repeats.  Will keep you updated.  At a looser gauge this cowl makes a nice wrap for around your shoulders.  All in all, this has proven to be a quite versatile pattern.

Suzy kindly agreed to model Encompass as a skirt over leggings!

Chris is  halfway through the cuffs on this month’s sock kit and they look awesome.  She is doing them two socks at a time on two circular needles (one needle is 16 inches long and the other is 24 inches long, so you can easily tell them apart).  I watched this process and had I never tried magic loop I might have tried this method.  Chris has found a link to teach two socks at a time on magic loop so we ordered needles this morning and plan this method for our next socks.  More on this in the future.

close-up of Chris’ socks in Cookie A’s Monkey Pattern


two socks at one time on circulars ala Chris Spatt

I am almost done with the gray blue mittens knit in the Selbuvoter style.  Because I used so much blue in the extended cuff of the first mitten I changed the main color of the cuff of the second mitten to grey and look at the difference such a small change can make (please note that the colors were carried the same way in all other respects in both mittens so the difference is one of color usage only):

Selbuvoter Mittens

Here are two final photos for today.  Donna sent them…they are the mobius pattern I put up this weekend as a free download.  Donna made it with DK weight yarn on US7 needles with 100 stitches and gifted it to a dear friend:

Donna's mobius

Donna's friend modeling the Mobius

Suzy is here for a visit so this is all for now.  Take care and have fun with your knitting…it is your artwork!xox theHumanLoom


Jamie stopped in to do the heel turn on her sock…her first heel turn ever…this is so cool…just magical:

Jamie's sock before heel turn!

And here is a photo of us protecting Ewenice from the sun:

the sun was melting our dear friend, Ewenice! Brian, quick, put some more snow on her!