Monday looked to me like some higher Being looked at our world and decided to adorn it with diamonds.  There was such profound beauty everywhere I looked that all the random thoughts and useless inner/outer talk just faded into a profound and peaceful silence.  Here are the photos I took that day.  Hopefully, you will see the same Beauty that spoke to me.

the telephone wires etc. outside the studio

see all the icicles hanging there...they are small but so shiny!

trees outside the studio sparkling with majesty

my ski shadow...this was the first time I ever was able to ski during the day

This is the wave pool at Sno Mountain...where I was able to practice until I felt less afraid. The snow was too deep here to "go" downhill.

Sunset at the top of the Bunny Slope lift on Sno Mountain. Ryan was working the lift Monday night and was very encouraging to me.

Another view from the top of the Bunny Slope.

My son just before getting on the "Big" not for me just yet!

Just one last look back at the Mountain and the Trees...if you zoom in you might be able to see how the trees were all glitter in the bright lights.

This was probably our last Monday night ski trip until next year.  We completely enjoyed ourselves and I think we are going to try golfing nine holes on Mondays once the weather really turns nice and the courses open.  It was unifying to have this once a week outing without technology of any sort…just the three of us outside in stride with each other.  I am glad I joined in the fray and cannot wait until the season begins next year!  Beam me up, Scotty…I am so there!

Take care and embrace the day!  love, TheHumanLoom


This is what it looks like just outside the door to my knitting studio today AND now the sun is shining as well.  This is…AT LAST (can you hear the song in your head…”At Last”)…the snow I have been waiting for all winter.  Eight inches of it landed sometime in the night.  It is still clean, fresh, and white.  Every branch of every tree is outlined.  As I drove into the studio today, the children were all out in their driveways shoveling snow…as well they should.  It was a wonderful sight.  And talk about perfect timing…on a day the kids had off from school anyway.  It just doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Then, again, maybe it does.  Tonight is also Monday…our weekly family ski outing is tonight and I can hardly wait to discover what it feels like to actually ski on snow instead of ice.  I was up ill all night last night and feel ick today…but I am not going to miss this opportunity.  Period.  The End.

I at least want to get one run down the bunny slope and if worse comes to worse, I can go melt in the ski lodge with some ginger ale.

The Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan/Scarf KAL is going to keep you busy this week.  I have the square all worked and edited for you AND also you will begin the edging on the first strip/insertion unit of this afghan.  This way when you are done knitting the body of the afghan you will only have two long sides to edge…not all four.  You will thank me later…I hope.

These are sheep in England.  Lisa Tizzoni and her son, Mark took these photos and framed them for me.  I keep them proudly displayed in the studio.  I was admiring them again this morning so I thought I would share them with you.  Aren’t the babies so cute…there is nothing so wonderful as the feel and smell of a lovely sheep.  Yes, call me weird if you want to…I can live with that.  Sheep don’t eat my yarn, they supply it.


And last, but never least, is a note about my dear son.  He belongs to the Competitve Training Camp (CTC) at our local tennis club and here he is in the newspaper (yesterday):

That is him in the first row on the left of the photo! YAY!

Take care and have a lovely day.  Stay warm and have fun in this last blast of winter.  Wishing you loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn


Ewenice with her new icy fleece

It has been icing here for the last two days, and while we have all been slipping and struggling with this, Ewenice has reaped the benefits…she may still be here in July if things keep up this way.  There is more ice to her now than there was a few days ago and it looks really pretty, white and like new fleece.

Hmmm...what could this be?

LOTS of new fun things are due to arrive here on February first.  Among them a very passionate red yarn just for subscribers to the Summit Sock Club.  There are only four open spaces for next month’s club.  If you are interested, the club package can be shipped to you…just email me and let me know of your interest.  Membership is just $30 a month and includes a new sock pattern, an alternate pattern, the yarn you need to complete the project and fun surprises along the way.  Last month’s club reflected a 25% discount on the yarn included for that month!

Marion Foale's new book arrived today.

Both Marion Foale’s latest book and her yarn (100% wool and sooo soft) arrived today.  This yarn is perfect for all the projects in this book.  My favorite project is the wrap called: Lucy; but there are a hat, scarf and several sweaters in this publication I am inclined to knit.  The other reason this yarn came in is for Selbuvoter/stranded color knitting.  It is perfect for the mittens we have been working on and for other stranded knitting projects as well.  Here are the colors which arrived today:

Marion Foale's 3 Ply 100% Pure Wool Made in England 238 yd/50 gm

The latest Debbie Bliss magazine also arrived today.  It has an emphasis on lace, color knitting and two very sweet dresses for little girls.

Alicia was the only brave soul to come to class this morning and she is working on her next project:  an entrelac stole in Noro Silk Garden Sock and Tilli Thomas silk with sequins.  She is almost done with Encompass…just eight rows to go.

close up view of Alicia's Entrelac Stole...her own design!

I began a sample in the new Marion Foale yarn and am continuing with the newest sock pattern (knitting and pattern writing for the February Club).  The studio will be open Thursday morning, but then closed until this Sunday (we will open on Sunday from 1-4 pm) so I can attend Vogue Knitting Live and take a class in some Estonian Knitting techniques.  I will have my camera at the ready and continue blogging everyday, so stay tuned.

Snow is lining the branches of the trees outside.

After the icestorm on Tuesday

Here is the last photo of the day (from Tuesday actually):  the twins are keeping me company while I work on the pattern for the next sock club…

Nikkers (left) and Sputter (right) sitting on my "Anne" Schaefer Yarn lace shawl

Take care and I look forward to sharing with you all about Vogue Knitting Live in New York City this weekend.  xox TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio