Spent the better part of last evening (just at bedtime really) looking for Red Ratty.  He was just nowhere to be found.  Out comes the flashlight and the broom handle and me doing my imitation of a very large, very lumpy snake on the floor of my bedroom with five cats walking around and over me.  (Hence, no photos!)  We finally looked under the bureau and though Red Ratty was not there, oh my dear Lord in Heaven there was a veritable treasure trove of Ratties, puffs, and assorted other cat toys.  Who knew?  We swept them out and as soon as they emerged the cats were upon them, ripping the toys from my husbands gathering hands.  It was a complete free for all.  Of course, about halfway through all this, my son announces, “Hey, Mom, here’s Red Ratty over by your computer chair!”

I gave them Red Ratty and a few of the “new” toys before bed.  I put the other ratties and toys in a basket with a lid that is difficult for me to remove.  They should have been locked up, you would think.

When I got up this morning it looked like Cat-a-Claus had spewed cat toys ALL OVER MY ROOM.  No exaggeration…it took me twenty minutes to regather the toy spew.  Apparently, a great time was had by all while I was unconscious or snoring, or both.

It is 23 degrees on the bank sign across the street…an so probably colder.  No new snow but it feels dry like it does before more arrives.  All three of us, (my huz, my son and myself) are looking forward to hunkering down in the homestead to celebrate this holiday.  Summit Yarn and I thank you for an exceptional first year of blogging and all the fun that comes with this pursuit.  Next year we have plans for an on-line sock club/knit-a-long as well as an afghan knit-a-long…with designs that have been or will be written on a weekly basis.  For those of you who may be interested there will be an Official Sock Club…name pending…feel free to make suggestions…with exceptional featured sock yarns, two free patterns each month (one for socks and one for not socks) and of course, swag.  There are 10 spots (really 7, three spots are already taken) and the price is $30 a month.  The yarns will be coming from companies like The Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Frog Tree, and Opal Yarns to name a few.  Twelve months of colors have been chosen.  You do not need to be local to participate, I will be happy to ship your club package to you!

Have sugarplum dreams tonight and may your Christmas day be much more than even you could wish for!  Merry Christmas with the heartfelt warmth of this midwinter season…Sincerely, Mary Ellen Langieri,  The Entire Langieri Clan ( pets included), and of course, Summit Yarn Thanks You!

New Noro Hat Pattern!

Noro hat This is not my pattern and the page link is included here…the designer is just wonderful!  Just click on the title to the left of this paragraph and all the information is there,  be sure to check out this designer’s website!!! xox